Emotional Playing Cards

To start with it’s important that all players understand what each of the emotions mean to them. If a player doesn’t understand an emotion the card may be removed from the game.

Take the Happy, Sad, Angry and Loved cards out of the pack, lay all the other cards down so that you can see the emotions.  Then ask whoever you are working with to find all the words that are Happy emotions getting them to explain each one as they go. Do the same for Sad, Angry and Loved.

This will enable you to find out how they do their emotions and in effect creating their own emotional grid.    

Alternatively you can just place each card down and get whoever you are working with to explain each emotion and what it means to them.  For the younger children they may not understand some of the words – you can explain to them the meaning but always ask them to tell you it back in their own words.