Learn to speak Ollie - an introduction to Ollie and his Super Powers with Ali Knowles

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Learn how to speak Ollie

Meet the author of the revolutionary children's series and child therapist, Alison Knowles on the 21st January at Groombridge St Thomas School, Corseley Road, Groombridge, TN3 9SF

Hear about the concept behind Ollie and how it is helping children learn how to control their emotions rather than being controlled by them.

Watch some 'Ollie' techniques being demonstrated and pick up tips on the 'Ollie' language to help your child to be the best then can be.

Chat to Ali, creator of the Ollie and his Super Powers, meet local Ollie Coaches, to learn about how the Ollie Concept can help you. 

Contact Caroline on 07816661460 or email info@ollieandhissuperpowers.com for more information

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