I just want to belong

A young man with Autism wrote this who is working with an Ollie Coach

I don’t think as you think
I don’t see as you see
You confuse words and actions
That’s not logic to me.
Don’t think I don’t notice
That I don’t quite fit
The rejection, it hurts
And not just a bit.
‘Wear a mask’ you say
I wear a mask every day.
I mask what I feel
I mask what I think
I hide in a world
My brain struggles to sync
I mask for acceptance
I mask for your sake
I know you find comfort
When I mask and I fake.
I hide in my room
Where I can just ‘be’
I just want to belong
Please just accept me
So I gathered my courage
And went out with my mum
Feeling scared of a world
That assumes I am dumb
I put a mask on my mask
And I behave as I’m told
But the panic I feel
Makes me solid, so cold.
So I walk into the shop
With no mask .. but I tried!
Angry looks, harsh words
Hurt my head .. panic .. hide.
So I’ll stay in my room
Lose my tears in a song
Please try to understand
I just want to belong.