Children's Emotional Health - The Ollie Model and ThoughtBox Education

There is so much to do to reconnect children and families with a language to help them navigate the world of emotions that make us who we are but together we can make the difference to make the difference, bringing solutions rather than just highlighting the failings in our children's emotional education!


NLP in Education Award Finalist - Alison Knowles

NLP Aware Finalist Wow what an accolade! Ali has been nominated for an international award for NLP training in Education.   She has been been selected, from those nominated, by an independent panel.  The finalists have been chosen on the how they have demonstrated the use of NLP in making a marked difference in the specified area.   Ali is up against 2 other finalist who have been working with children and adults in Kenya and Mexico. Alison was inspired to create ‘Ollie and his superpowers’, having found a way to be more creative in therapy with children and has written three books...


Ollie - So far

This year has been beyond my very expansive imagination with lots of amazing people becoming Ollie Coaches, working in lots of schools and, the most important, being able to help lots of kids.  

I am ready for next year 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Ollie Kids - Programme for Schools

Diversity and Internet Safety training workshops We had a great few Days at St Josephs School in London Delivering workshops on Diversity and internet safety as part of our drive to introducing prevention to PHSE in schools through our Ollie Kids program. At Ollie HQ we recognise that you can tell children how to stay safe on the internet, we can tell them about the damage bullying does and how important self worth is reference body image on social media and the issues that can course with eating disorders and kids feeling not good enough.  And that's great but only...


It’s all about being a Blue Water Dragon!!!

I love working in schools! Our coaches work with 5 year old's to 105 year old's! This week, in one of my schools, I had the joy of really showing the power of Ollie. A little chap, five years old using words like possession, elementals, with monsters taking over him and being very violent. He had undergone all types of assessment and was being looked at for everything from multiple personality disorder to schizophrenia….. I was asked to meet him.  Yes, those words coming from a five year old are chilling and Ollie Coaches don’t diagnose but what we do...