We're all the same, right?

Written by Ollie Coach, Lynne Collins

There’s a beautiful thing that made my heart sing with Ollie and that was that Ollie Coaching is about working with your model of the world, the unique you and that only you have the answers inside.  You are unique!

It’s what also lead me to write this as I believe we can all relate in one way or another …

We are all the same - right ? 

I wonder, do you regularly hear these statements in conversations;

  • ‘We’re the same’
  • ‘Oh yes you should do this’
  • ‘It’s fine, get over it’
  • ‘You’ll love this’
  • ‘I know what you need’
  • Have I started you thinking ?

Here’s the thing, we all live our lives and experience life differently.  What we learn at early ages (1-9 most notably) will serve as our strategy, response, mechanism as we grown older and become an adult. 

We learn these from our parents, we are like little sponges, taking in milliseconds of information and storing them for a time when we need.

I wonder what your first memory of an ice cream was like? How old you were, where you were, who was with you, was it a good time?

‘Was it a good time?’

I say that as we would perhaps all presume that our first ice cream was wonderful, we got it from an ice cream van and your mum past it to you with a massive smile on her face and it made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, the ice cream was cold as you licked it.

If you had that experience you have now filed that moment as:

  • Ice cream
  • Age you were
  • Warm and fuzzy emotion

If you had a different experience, even just slightly, for example; a bird came along and got tangled in your hair as it swooped for your ice cream.  It may be filed that moment as 

  • Ice cream
  • Age you were
  • Birds birds
  • Scared emotion 

You see we all file our life experiences differently and that learning can have a profound effect on us in the future.

What you may experience of an ‘ice cream, age 5, warm and fuzzy', may not be someone else’s experience, especially if the environment or circumstances surrounding that event was anything but ‘all roses’.

What we take in at an early age sticks with us and creates our model of the world.

If like me you were told as a kid ‘you’re too sensitive’, ‘oh come on don’t be daft’, ‘let’s do something’, ‘you’ll love it’.

You might be a bit strung out, right ?

Yet, there was perhaps a push to keep going, do it anyway, at the least that way you could hide how you felt.

I see this a lot in coaching, clients calling me, as they’ve an anxiety because of doing this and that and it’s really hard for them.

I get that.  Coaching is a non judgmental time to be you, take off those masks, tell me how it is for you and how you’d like to be.

Sometimes an ear and a shift in thought is pretty much all it takes to be ‘brave’ and be who you were always meant to be.

Lynne Collins, Ollie Coach

I come from a Customer centric background where my experience spans many an area.  I’ve always had a keen interest in psychology and how the mind works and have undertaken many a therapy myself.  I believe we all have the answers within us, its about finding the right key to unlock the right box to made a difference now and in the future.  I specialise in working with adults recovering from illness, self-limiting illness and caregivers.  A therapy that can help the whole family.

To get in contact with Lynne, email Lynne.collins@ollieandhissuperpowers.com