Written by Claire Robertson, Ollie Coach


One of the shortest words in the English language is also one of the most powerful for transforming our mindset from fixed to inspired.

I am not an adventurous person … yet.

  • I haven’t set up a business … yet
  • I’m not a runner … yet
  • My house isn’t as tidy as I’d like … yet
  • I don’t like kale … yet
  • I can’t cook like a pro … yet
  • I am not financially well off … yet
  • My work doesn’t inspire me … yet
  • I’m not (yet) an artist

What are you yet to do, yet to discover, yet to become?

Claire Robertson, Ollie Coach

Claire Robertson is an Ollie Coach and NLP practitioner with a degree in psychology. She runs a private practice in the West Midlands, in the heart of Shropshire, working with children, young people and adults. Claire is also a university lecturer specialising in business, marketing and supporting students, has two children, and enjoys reading, crafts and walking.

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