Tes SEN Show Oct 2024

Tes SEN Show 11th 12th October 2024

Business Design Centre, London

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Ali Knowles is one of the CPD speakers on Friday at 3.30 - 4.30pm

Working in the child’s emotional model of the world for better engagement.

Ali's talks aims to provide delegates with the tools to notice and address minor emotional issues before they escalate. Attendees will gain insights into recognising signs of emotional distress in students, understanding the underlying causes, and adapting their communication style to be more effective, given that verbal communication makes up only 7% of overall communication. Practical strategies will be shared to help students manage their feelings in a healthy way, fostering an inclusive classroom environment that supports emotional resilience and student well-being.

Furthermore, delegates will learn to apply the Ollie Concept, empowering students to understand and navigate their emotions, thereby enhancing their emotional intelligence. Following the presentation, participants are encouraged to assess their current practices to identify areas for improvement in emotional support. They will be guided on incorporating new strategies into their teaching routines, facilitating regular staff training sessions for consistent emotional management across the school, and establishing feedback loops with students and staff to refine these strategies. Engaging with the wider school community, including parents and caregivers, is also emphasised to ensure comprehensive support for children's emotional well-being.

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