Ollie and the Guardians

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Ollie and Mollie's adventure continues.  In this, the fifth book in the series, Ollie and Mollie continue to learn about their super powers and also how they can help other children with their emotions in a simple and fun way.   As Guardians Mr Wilcox and Mrs Serenity continue to guide Ollie and Mollie with Ollie getting closer to getting his own Magic Compass and finding his dad.

‘In a world of complexity, with a myriad of emotions we all need an enchanting story to draw us in and help work things out. Ollie and Mollie offer us magic and compassion, wonderfully using the conception of libraries to represent our inner worlds with superpowers as emotions including Happy, Sad, Scared, Shocked, Nervous, and Confused. These personifications of emotions add depth to the characters and provide a unique way to explore the complexities of human feelings and experiences. Ollie and Mollie as they continue to grow and evolve throughout their adventures make them relatable and endearing protagonists. They teach us all valuable lessons about empathy, communication, and the power of emotional intelligence, it’s a compelling read for both children and adults that will prompt many discussions, which is exactly what we need right now.’ 

Kath Evans, Director of Children's Nursing, Barts Health

As always, Ali has managed a beautiful combination of an adventure story that subtly combines fun and fantasy while teaching children how to manage their emotions rather than be controlled by them

'Ollie and The Guardians would be a good resource to help children that have many challenges in identifying emotions. The book helps not only the child and the parent, carer or teacher reading the book with the child on how they can control or take charge of their emotions.

I like the way Ollie helps his friends discover their superpowers in a subtle and creative way. With everything going on in this uncertain world that we are living in the more tools we can give our children the better they will be able to navigate this complicated pathway and their emotions that our children are trying to make sense of.

Well Done Ali more of the same please!'

Anna Kennedy OBE, Chairperson Anna Kennedy Online

Paper back book dimensions are approximately 23cm by 15cm



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