Ollie's Magic Emotion Cards


To start with it’s important that all players understand what each of the emotions mean to them. If a player doesn’t understand an emotion the card may be removed from the game.

Take the Happy, Sad, Angry and Loved cards out of the pack, lay all the other cards down so that you can see the emotions.  Then ask whoever you are working with to find all the words that are Happy emotions getting them to explain each one as they go. Do the same for Sad, Angry and Loved.

This will enable you to find out how they do their emotions and in effect creating their own emotional grid.    

Alternatively you can just place each card down and get whoever you are working with to explain each emotion and what it means to them.  For the younger children they may not understand some of the words – you can explain to them the meaning but always ask them to tell you it back in their own words. 

Game 1

Players: Play alone or in a group
Goal: The first player to create the longest chain
Setup: 43 cards (remove all the red cards)
- Place all the cards upturned on the table
Taking turns, each player selects a card to create their
connected chain.
Example: Angry Frustrated Sad Scared Worried
Anxious Excited Happy Proud
(refer to the website for more examples)
The player that can create the longest chain of emotions wins.
The player must justify why they have played each card and
how it relates to the last card played in the chain. This allows a
parent/teacher or coach to see how an individual “ does” their

Game 2
Players: min 2
Goal: The first player to discard all their cards
Setup: 47 cards
- deal five cards to each player.
- place the remaining cards into a pile, turn over the top card
and place it beside the main pile.
Players take turns placing a card on the upturned pile that
relates to the top emotion. (see example below) you can at
anytime dispute the cards being played - if a good enough
explanation is given, it is accepted; otherwise, pick up an extra
If you don't have a card that can be played, pick up another
card. In the pack are magic cards; This is me, Turn around.
You can lay these at any time for the next player to follow on.
Each card placed must be associated with the top upturned
card. For example, the upturned card is Angry; you can lay any
card you can justify connected with that emotion.
Angry - Frustrated - Sad - Scared. Other players can
challenge your connection; if you can justify it, then it remains.
Turn around – The player who laid this must name the
opposite emotion from the previous card laid. I.e. If ‘Sad’ was
laid first then a ‘Turn around’ card – ‘Happy’ may be a turn
around emotion.
This is me – The following player has to continue from the
card underneath the ‘This is me’ card.
Also, if the justification of emotions is challenged, the ‘This is
me’ card can be laid to override the challenge. Follow on from
the last emotion card laid.
The game is over once a player has got rid of all their cards.

Game 3: Emotional Snap
Players: 2+
Goal: The first player to win the most cards
Setup: Deal out all the cards equally amongst the players
In turn, each player places a card until a player sees a
relationship between the card at the top of the pile and the
card being placed - shout 'Ollie, Ollie, Ollie' to win the pile. But
you must be able to justify why the two emotions are
The game is over once a player has got rid of all their cards.