Ollie in Poland


Please donate https://www.gofundme.com/3n695m-supporting-ukrainian-refugees-in-poland 

We are working with the volunteers at Foundation Wolno - nam who run a Ukrainian refugee centre in Krakow Poland.Ollie in Poland

Foundation Wolno-nam working with Ollie Coaches


The volunteers are not necessarily professionals in this field. They are people like you and me, who work and have families but who are giving up ALL of their spare time to help those crossing from Ukraine.  Often it is their money that is buying supplies to feed, clothe, and pay for the housing of the refugees.  

On a daily basis these volunteers are hearing the horrific stories of the refugees, most of them women and children as the men have stayed behind.  The refugees have nothing, only what they have been able to carry with them.    

How can we help?.  

We are sending out our Ollie Coaches to work 1-2-1 with these volunteers to help them to keep going so that they don't burn out so that they can keep supporting the refugees.  We are also doing online group sessions inbetween our visits to Poland to support their wellbeing.

Ollie Coaches - working with the volunteersOllie Coaches working 1-2-1 with volunteers

How can YOU help?



With your support we are looking to raise £25,000 to cover the cost our emotional therapists to work with the volunteers.  Your kind donation will go towards supporting our objective of providing the support that these people need.
Our wonderful Coaches are offering a very reduced rate for their time but its everything else - the flights, the accommodation, the travel and food when they are there.
Some of your donation will go towards supporting the day to day running of the refugee centre with various items.  These items include:
- toiletries for all new guests on arrival - most people only arrive with what they can carry
- nappies for the babies
- toys and games for the kids and teenagers
- food
- cleaning products - there are 200 people in the centre
- toilet paper
 - medical supplies such as plasters, cough lozenges, antiseptic cream, headache pills

Or you can offer your time to help improve the conditions of the centre such as painting and repairing some of the rooms.

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Or email us at info@ollieandhissuperpowers.com