Beat the Waif Board and Ollie Journal

Use the Waif Board and the Journal to help you to take control of your emotions or Super Powers so that you learn how to manage everyday difficult situations. 

Create your own team of super powers that will help you get through these situations and make you feel better.

Battling the Waif


The aim is to get the child to argue with that negative voice or thought which in Ollie's world is called a 'Waif'

Write the challenge at the top fo the page or on the board.  You be the Waif.  Be gentle but find a reason why the child won't reach their goal.  Remember you aim is too loose!

The child argues back.

Run out of arguments as the Waif.  As soon as the child sounds convinced by their won argument then they have beaten the Waif !

Then put the team of Super Powers (emotions) the child needs to get through the challenge in the circles.

The journal is great as a child can refer back to what they did previously when the same challenge came up.

Finding the hidden Super Power

The emotion that a child is displaying is the one that the other emotions have pushed out in front so that they can hide.

Starting at the top of the left hand side of the board or page in the journal write in the presenting emotion eg Angry.  Ask the child who has pushed poor old Angry out in front and who is hiding behind him.  Do this by asking what else the child is feeling.  Repeat this process, getting the child to concentrate on the last emotion you mention.  

Keep going until there are no more.  

Rest  .....   Now say      "WOW, that's got to feel better."

What do you feel now?  (make sure you are using your voice and facial expressions to subliminally convey that is must feel better)

With the answers given start coming up the other side.  When they get to three or four positive emotions get them to say

"I don't need to feel xxx for hours and hours because I have got my Super Powers"