How the concept of the super powers came about.

like to think my body is a democracy but every now and then I have to step in and remind it. See I believe I am made up of parts - like fear, love, willpower, wisdom, and a hundred other parts that make me who I am. Most of the time these parts work well as a team. Fear acts as a body guard and keeps me alert but common sense stops fear taking over. Compassion wants to do good stuff but wisdom stops compassion giving my house away.

So, by and large, all these parts of me steer me along on fairly calm waters. But every now and then one of my parts decides to take over and that is never good!

For example: insecurity took over earlier when I got a call about doing a talk. Fortunately confidence stood up and took the phone off insecurity.

But what happens when one part really takes over, such as, grief, or sadness, or fear. Basically they hijack your emotional ship and the calm waters change, the clouds form and your world moves with that part at the helm.

But here’s the thing, when a part takes over or hijacks your ship, remember this: even though it might seem in control it is only a part and even if it’s got a microphone, it’s still only a small part of you.

I see these parts of me like children and I take that part aside for a quiet chat and ask it why it feels the need to be captain.

Sound daft?
I tell you it works. I let it tell me its issue and then I let the other parts of me step up give, it a hug and try and help it stand back down and join the crew.

Each part of us has a limited attention span, unless we give it more attention than is fair on the rest of the crew. But each part is important too, so I never tell the offending part off, it’s just trying to get me to notice something is not quite right.

Its really strange how the right parts step up and help you deal with the part that's kicking off in a mentoring and reassuring way.

Try it. I tell you it’s awesome for kids when their anxious part kicks in or their ‘don’t want to go to school’ part pops up. Because it points out that the feeling is a tiny part of them, not all of them, and it gives them a visualization of a crew of parts to help them move on. A tiny part or a SUPERPOWER!!