Ollie makes an awesome anchor

We use anchors in therapy to help you get to the emotional state you would like to be in an instant.

What is an anchor? 

Well do you watch any sport? Lets say rugby. The number 10 – the person who kicks the conversions. If you watch an international game, well any game really, the kicker will go through a little routine before kicking the ball. What they are doing is getting themselves in the zone. They are cutting out all awareness of the crowds and the pressure. Chances are they have worked with a therapist like me to do that.

What we do is immerse the kicker in a memory of the perfect conversion.  Really make them think about where they were, what was going on etc with as much detail as possible. Usually they will recount being at their local rugby club on a day when no one is there and there is no pressure. By getting them to remember as much detail as possible about that place and most importantly how it felt to just be there (calm, enjoying themselves, no pressure) we can apply an anchor or a routine that allows their subconscious to put them back there whenever they want or need to allowing them to feel how comfortable they felt, how easy the kick was as they watched it fly through the posts. 

That’s an example of an anchor. But music anchors us as does smells.  Ever found yourself remembering something when a certain piece of music comes on, or flashing back to the school dining hall when you smell cabbage or think of semolina?

Ollie is about emotional control and being able to choose how you feel.  Just by hugging Ollie and asking the child “what would Ollie do?” can break the pattern of the emotional state they are in and help them feel something more positive and empowering. All our Ollie coaches use Ollie in this way to help our youngsters and now you can buy your own Ollie for your child! Just go to the shop on this page.