A day in the life of an Ollie Coach - No 1

A day in the life!!!

Emotional wellbeing is a very serious subject and should never be underestimated how it affects everything that we do and who we are.  However when helping to support a person's emotional wellbeing the approach doesn't need to be a sombre experience.  The therapist doesn't need a clip board with a tick box and they don't need to keep rubbing their chin or nodding their head.  They can if it supports the client's journey to their chosen solution state but its more important that you get into the clients model of the world and use what they give you.

Wood Lice - a first for our Ollie Coach

A young client brought their pet wood lice to the session and the Coach and the client ended up using them to demonstrate emotions as they were put on a pad of paper with a steep edge to see what happens.

Some of them stopped and didn't move but others walked over the edge to explore - we had a 'scared' one, a 'brave' one, a 'scared but give it a go' one, a 'confident' one and a 'totally fearless'  one.

The young client loved it and it really helped them with their fear about sports day coming up!

There's always a first when being an Ollie Coach.

Its all about getting into the client's model of the world so that they can make sense of their emotions in whatever way makes sense to them.