A day in the life of an Ollie Coach - No 3

A day in the life!!!

Emotional wellbeing is a very serious subject and should never be underestimated how it affects everything that we do and who we are.  However when helping to support a person's emotional wellbeing the approach doesn't need to be a sombre experience.  The therapist doesn't need a clip board with a tick box and they don't need to keep rubbing their chin or nodding their head.  They can if it supports the client's journey to their chosen solution state but its more important that you get into the clients model of the world and use what they give you.

Play acting or role playing

One of my favourite things to do with children is to get them it imitate me so they have to pretend that they have a beard and to stroke it, because obviously therapists do that, with a little clipboard and they sit in my big chair.  Then they imagine that their problem part or the problem that they need to help is sat in the other chair and they have to be the therapist and help it come up with solutions.  

Again this is really powerful because children love play acting.  They love that its a game and they don't realise that they are actually learning, but what they come up with really does work and because its their idea they can't really say it won't work will they ?  Really cool.

If you problem solve for somebody you might get them out of a hole and I'm sure they'll love you for it but they will always need to keep coming back.  So, everything we do in Ollie is about getting whoever we are working with to look inside because we've got all the answers.


Ali Knowles