Abby's Heroes - teaming up

We are very excited to be working with Abby's Heroes to support children, young people, siblings and parents who have been diagnosed with cancer and who are under the care of Piam Brown and TYA wards at Southampton Hospital and who live in the Wessex Region. 

Everyone in the family is affected by a cancer diagnosis of a child not just the child.  It could be the siblings or the parents who need that extra level of support to help them manage their emotions throughout this time as well as the child themselves.  Abby's Heroes recognises this and offers practical and financial support.  

Abby's Heroes will be funding several sessions with an Ollie Coach either in person or online.  So if you are one of these families get in touch with Abby's Heroes to see how you could be working with an Ollie Coach.

Contact details for Abby's Heroes is