Meet the Ollie Coach

Introducing Lynne Collins

Based in Sutton, Ely, I work with teenagers and adults face to face and online via zoom. 

I am particularly drawn to working with people who live with anxiety, self-doubt; low-confidence, poor self-esteem, feel stuck or who may just feel things ‘aren’t right’.

My passion comes from seeing people becoming comfortable and confident in their own skin through the work we do together: less surviving (showing a brave face to the world and/or just getting by) and more thriving (knowing that they’ve ‘got this’ and feeling happier).

You will find me warm and gentle. Change is often less difficult than we think once we have the right assistance. I will walk alongside you and guide you through the changes you want to make, helping you to feel safe as you explore your experiences and move towards your goals in a non-judgmental, kind and empathetic way.

What clients have said:

“You have made a huge impact on how I handle my emotions and situations”

“You get me!”

“Fun, relaxed, didn’t feel like therapy”

 To get in contact with Lynne please email