Ollie at Hinchingbrooke Hospital Fracture Clinic

Visiting Hinchingbrook Hospital

Ollie and I had the honour of meeting the lovely nurses at Hinchingbrook Hospital Fracture Clinic last week. It was wonderful to walk into the children’s area and see Ollie already there with his books! The nurses had been using him and his super powers to help make children feel a little less afraid of having a plaster cast put on or worse – cut off. So Ollie and I donated some of Ollie’s brothers so the nurses could put plaster casts on their arms and legs and the children could watch them being removed and see it really doesn’t hurt.

Anxiety or stress can affect your immune system and so slow the healing process but by using Ollie’s super powers and shrinking Scared and making Brave as big as a house the nurses are removing that stress from our little ones!

We are talking to other hospitals about the way Ollie can help with stress relief and how to use the Ollie concepts and language to help children express what they are feeling. 

Is it fear or just apprehension?

Are they worried the procedure will hurt or are the tears about the unknown? 

Will I have to stay here?

Will mummy stay with me?

What does that big machine do?

Will I be better in time for the party next weekend?

As adults we decide what our children are feeling by how we might be feeling as adults and often we get it very wrong and wonder why nothing we say makes the child feel better. The Ollie concept helps young and old to express what they are really feeling so that we can understand and do something to help. It fantastic to watch a child stay calm at having blood taken because when the nurse took his blood he used his Brave or Calm super power!

Nursing staff have used teddy and the like for ages to demonstrate procedures to calm children but Ollie has the massive added advantage of teaching the children how to make Scared tiny and Brave big!

For more information on Ollie concept training for the NHS please contact us at info@olleandhissupepowers.com