Ali's SENDcast podcast

‘Looking and trusting inside rather than looking for solutions externally'

Ali's chat with Dale Pickles from SENDcast is now live.

We have become victims to the “norm” and we doubt our self-worth based on external benchmarks such as houses, cars, grades, and clothes. Parenting is around your child doing better than the next or behaving the way they do and not necessarily celebrating their uniqueness.

Alison Knowles returns today to discuss ‘Looking and trusting inside rather than looking for solutions externally’. Alison explores the reasons why we aren’t trusting our judgement and why we’re basing our sense of self on others’ achievements.

Asking for advice is healthy, but the problem arises when you’re constantly seeking validation, rather than trusting our ability to evaluate the information and decide what’s right for us. During the discussion we delve into:

  • The deep-seated desire to belong
  • The impact of media
  • Why you should trust your gut
  • Feeling judged
  • The habit of mind reading and making assumptions
  • The pressure of conforming to societal norms of success
  • You need to listen to yourself
  • Being brave enough to back ourselves

Listen to this empowering discussion and learn how to trust your inner voice!