Becoming an Ollie Coach

Training to be an Ollie Coach

We are extremely excited as we are only a month away from the start of our next Ollie Training course which is in Manchester - our first outside London.

We have a saying 'the course has to be right for you and you for the course'. 

It doesn't matter what you background is, but you have to have a passion for helping young and old be all they can be.  

Its like its meant to be for those that are coming on our courses - to find out about us in some of the strangest ways:  on the airplane seat next you a newspaper left open on the page with an article about Ollie, having to wake your husband up in the middle of the night just to talk about Ollie (bet he was happy), buying a magazine for the first time with an editorial on Ollie in it or your child has benefited from the Ollie model either through a school or through working with one of our Coaches.  Its very special this way as its feels more like Ollie has found these amazing people that are going to be awesome Coaches.

Our Newest Ollie Coach - Caroline Ireland

After one heck of a challenging year for me personally, I am over the moon to have qualified as an Ollie coach today! ❤️

Emotional well-being has been a passion of mine for a while now. Especially the emotional well being of the next generation.

Sadly, in a massively over stretched and under resourced education system, the provision for young people isn’t quite what it should be...yet!

Until of course you meet people like Alison DawesKnowles and Ollie and his Super Powers! What this team of inspirational people are doing with young people and in schools is a different level!

Having heard about Ollie, whilst running a mental health week at school, I had to get involved. A year later and I am privileged to be qualified as a coach with them.

The change is already happening, but it’s time to take it to the next level. Schools need to put emotional well being as a top priority! Get this part right and watch what will happen to results but most importantly the happiness of children and young people.

Can’t wait to continue my journey to support and inspire the next generation with this new string to the bow 🙂

⬇️ This super power has seen me through the past year for sure! One of my favs 💖Ollie and his Super Powers - Strength