Heightened emotions make you stupid!

*Heightened emotions make you stupid*

Written by Laura Rossborough, trainee Ollie Coach.
Yesterday was a rollercoaster of a ride and by the end of the classroom day, it's fair to say that I was in the 'feels'.
I felt so supported, that I felt that this is exactly where I was supposed to be. I even thought "This is possible, I can have my own practice helping people and make a difference". I thought... all the courses I've taken, all the feelings of being alone in the past and being the only weird one around, well, that had to happen that way. (Let's face it if it was supposed to be different it would have).
I did, however, get caught up in all the love in the room, and all the kindness and respect we have for each other (that was evident in the bar when we were all sharing stories & chatting away). I loved the connections we were all making. 💕
Some part of me must not have wanted to leave! (Was it a secondary gain?🤔).
Somehow in all of that my flight arrival time (10pm) into Belfast turned into my departure time in London. Not 8.30pm like it should of been.
I missed my flight! 🤣🤣🤣
It was the last flight of the day!
I had to book into a hotel and rebook a flight for 6.15am today! (Just 15 minutes to take off).
Of course, the Premier Inns were fully booked!⛔️
I had to book a fancy one. lol Cost a bit. My intent to go to London was to be frugal. Haha
Being in my emotions cost me. 💲💰
But I remembered Ali in that game we played. When she applied a bit of pressure (time) it helped me get focused.
I can't get focused when I am in my emotions.
Lesson... don't let the emotions take over. Yes feel them but don't stay there. Focus. Don't crash the plane (or you might need to rebook another one. lol).
I wore my glasses all morning to make myself look smart. 😆