Ollie Coach Review

Ollie Coaches do what they do so that they can help others be all they can be.  Often we don't hear from our clients but we always wonder how they are doing so when you get a feedback it means a lot.

Belinda Wells is based in Moreton Morrell and works with children, young people and their families.  She is also very adept at working with adults.

"Belinda helped my daughter when she un-expectantly began having panic attacks and being sick before her GCSE exams.  Belinda managed to fit us in urgently and explained to my daughter what was happening to her body to cause the reaction and then explained why she was reacting how she was and how she could manage it. This was very helpful to my daughter and she understood what Belinda was explaining to her. The symptoms reduced immediately after only one session.”

To get in contact with Belinda please email belinda.wells@ollieandhissuperpowers.com