Helping you with your emotional wellbeing - the best job in the world

Emotional Wellbeing

The best job in the world has to be when you help someone be the best they can.  Our Ollie Coaches all have a passion to help young and old be all they can be. Our Ollie Coaches do what they do because the immense overwhelming feeling you get when you see someone no longer struggling, when that person has the choice of what path they want to take and when that person has taken back control of their emotions.  Often Ollie Coaches don't know the full extent of the difference they may have made for someone but today we have had two wonderful emails from mums of children where Ollie has made the difference that makes all the difference.

My darling 9 year old son was extremely upset and anxious due to being bullied at school. After one session of Ollie therapy, Sydney was looking so much happier, calm and confident in dealing with things. He was no longer as emotional as he had been and was able to use his superpowers should anything happen during the day to make him brave enough to tell the teacher what was going on. This was a huge step for him. For the first few weeks he took his Ollie figure in his pocket and didn’t go anywhere without him. There was one day when he realised on the way to school he had forgotten Ollie and panicked but his teacher found him something else to keep in his pocket should it happen again and this worked perfectly. After a while Ollie stayed in Sydney’s bag in the school cloakroom and I’m proud to say Sydney has not needed to take Ollie to school at all now for many months as he is in such a better place mentally and feels able to deal with things much better. I cannot thank Ollie enough for what he has done for us as a family. We have the books and two Ollie dolls and both go to bed with them.  KJ, mum of a happy Sydney xxx


I looked for and found Ali because the medical and school system were letting my 8 year old child down. The Child Mental Health Service wouldn't see him because he didn't have specific behavioural problems and the schools inclusion worker was very nice but under the pump and 20mins a week wasn't really effective. As parents we had tried everything we could think of.
He was being bullied, he struggled with playground politics, he wasn't coping with the mean words being thrown at him, he spent alot of the school day crying and/or getting frustrated, which made the bullying worse, he was getting socially isolated, he was starting to refuse to go to school, his teacher was starting to lose patience and i was feeling like it was all spiraling. I felt like this needed to be resolved now and not wait "until he matures" or "until the bullies get bored".
From the first day we met Ali my son took to her and the way she spoke and communicated with him. She was open with him and he understood what she did and engaged with her. After one session he was on a high. So happy! Like something had been released. Someone had finally told him HOW to cope with all these feelings he was having. He took his Ollie figure in his pocket to school so when the bad words came he could squeeze the figure and the armour would come up and protect his "heart" and over the next few days he started to work it out. One day saying "there were a few holes in my armour today mum cos some bad words got through but i will make it stronger tomorrow". And he has built and built up his resilience. He said to me yesterday that a child had been saying mean things and that he had only needed to squeeze Ollie for 5 seconds and he felt ok and didnt cry and the boy left him alone. He was elated.
He hasn't said he doesn't want to go to school for ages and seems more confident and happier and the school have noticed a change too. He said he doesn't want/need to be in social inclusion anymore cos he has Ali now. He doesn't come out of school in tears looking like the weight of the world is on his shoulders. I am relieved we have found a person and a technique that is so simple but actually genius and it works. It just works! I would recommend anyone spend an hour with Ali and Ollie's superpowers and guarantee they will come out feeling more resilient, supported and special because they now have superpowers too.  SJ, a happy mum with a happy son