Review of Anna Kennedy interview - Talking all things Autism

I just had to share this with you as I received this privately after my recent interivew with Anna Kennedy on Womans Radio.  This means a lot to me as the lady who wrote this is fighting hard for her kids to be treated fairly, and its not always easy to keep that going when you are also having to deal with unforeseen health issues.

Honestly I can't thank you enough for how much you've helped and changed my life.  I also love the point you made about not having to change the model to fit our kids because that's what you do anyway it made me feel like for once my children are viewed and treated the same as every other child.

You made perfect sense.  From a parent of additional needs children what you said about Ollie, how it helps and the importance of looking after the whole family's emotional well-being really hit home.  It offers something that no other service has given us, not a cure or magic wand, just someone that can support and enable us to keep going.

Just wanted to say how good the interview was!  You got me viewing Ollie in a whole different way again  Every time I listen to you I learn something new.  Well Done XX