Ollie's Emotional Resilience Coaching course

Online Course Launched today.

Ali launched the course during her live interview with Suzy Walker, Editor in Chief, of Psychologies Magazine on their facebook page. 

Ali explained how the course helps you understand the emotions that you are feeling right now and how you can help your children and families members with their emotions.

Ali was extremely nervous prior to the interview with Suzy but, as always, looked calm and confident as she and Suzy chatted about the Ollie Model and how you can get involved.  Ali Knowles - Ollie's emotional resilience coaching course

To find out more about the course go to to our training course page on our shop https://www.ollieandhissuperpowers.com/collections/training-courses

Brilliant reviews from our trial run pre today's launch on how its helping young and old during these interesting lockdown times.