Raising the Titantic

Starting your own business

If you have ever tried to raise the Titanic single handed with no heavy or specialised kit. 

Then you will know what it is like starting a business.  Trying to get your dream afloat is exhausting.  You spend a lot of time at the bottom of the sea in the mud, not really getting anywhere.  Every now and again the boat rises just a tad and it refuels your belief to keep going. 

Occasionally a big commercial outfit comes along with the answers to your preys but at the cost of your dream, so painfully you let them sail off, hopping you're right. 

Then slowly, once you have nearly killed yourself freeing the boat from the mud, oxygen bubbles begin to appear - interviews, talks,the right people come down to swim with you in unison.   

Everyday I am so grateful for those oxygen bubbles from the surface.  Today a few more, but these are special, they are self generating. The good ship Ollie is gaining upwards momentum.

So if your trying to float your own Titanic, stay strong, stay true.  If it's meant to float it will, and as lovely as a commercial ship would be to take the strain, hang in there because if they're not right you won't like what floats to the surface. Back yourself, it will come and knowing you did it is worth the pain,.  We aren't above the surface yet, but I am allowing my self to think about that first G&T on the deck in the sun x