Rapport, building the relationship that works for you

Building the Relationship

I have been speaking a lot about rapport and how building the relationship between you and your client is absolutely key in the work we do as an Ollie Coaches.  I think I am pretty good at this but on the weekend I was shown how it was done, expertly, in a totally different situation.

The lesson in Rapport

On Saturday I had organised to have my photo taken for marketing purposes.  I hate having my photo taken at the best of times but I was also not in a particularly good mood, due to personal circumstances out of my control, and therefore did not want to do anything and having my picture taken was definitely at the bottom of the list.  

I had to go as my friend who was taking the photographs had really put himself out.  

He knew I had had a stressful time, accepting where I was with this but immediately allowing me to park that feeling and just have time for me.  That time was so important for me but also for the photographs. 

Through talking about Ollie and the difference the concept has on the lives of so many, through laughter and general enthusiasm he was able to capture Ollie and me in a whole new light.  Hopefully you will agree .....

Ali xxx