Reality Tunnels - Thoughtbox's BIG THINK event, Totnes

Reality Tunnels

Talking about Reality Tunnels to 16 & 17 year olds today in Totnes, Devon at the Big Think event organised by Rachel and team from Thoughtbox. 

Its all about getting kids to be able to decide for themselves, to think out of the box, and not just do something because everyone else has done is so it's what I should also do.

My immediate reality tunnel yesterday was very different from what it is today.  Being stuck on a motorway for 3.5 hours isn't much fun.  It definitely changes things.  

Today, my reality tunnel is back to what it should be.  I am happy to be here, imparting some of my knowledge to these students about the choices they can make for themselves, and hopefully some of it is making sense to them.  But you never know with teenagers!

We can't change the events of the past but we can change how we feel about them.  Thus enabling us to change our reality tunnels.  And its how we feel about them that dictates who we are today.