Reviews - Ollie and his Super Powers

Reviews of how Ollie is helping

Sometimes we get so bogged down in the day to day that we forget how much the Ollie Model is actually helping children and families.  We love to hear from people who are using the techniques so please send these to us.

Review from a TA

Ali had a 5 minute chat with a TA at a school giving her some guidance on how to help a little girl that she works with - and this is the result  WOW

Well it’s swimming day , which is normally high stress levels for the little girl we talked about last week.
After talking about her feelings and emotions she just shrugged ,she didn’t know where her feelings were, but we could remove them from inside and bring them out. Once outside she said they looked like guinea pigs.
Following your advice she was able to make the nervous, and anxious one very tiny and made the confident one grow bigger and bigger.
Later, on the way to the pool we talked again , once we were poolside she started to hide her face as usual. We talked and she was able to make  the nervous one disappear by stroking it. The confident one grew and was heavy to carry ( she didn’t want it to get wet feet) she carried it carefully to the water then placed it on top of her head so it could jump in the pool with her.
It normally take 15-20 minutes for her to control her anxiety and get into the water. Today , she jumped in within 3 minutes and had a full swimming session. Her face was all smiles and she chatted happily all the way back to school, telling me how big her happiness was. 

Review from a Mum

My 5 year old son (also called Ollie) has just started reading the Ollie & His Super Powers books and is loving them. Hearing him explaining "Empathy" to his dad was brilliant. "Well daddy, you put someone else's shoes on and feel what they feel so I would know if someone is sad and needed my help".
My 5 year old understands empathy.  That is amazing! Thank you Ollie & His Super Powers!
Xx Nikki,