Rope Out of Darkness - My Journey through a Metaphor

My journey through a metaphor!

Well, here’s thing……. This time last year, everyday from March to September seemed to be gloomy and overcast with the occasional shard of sunlight shining through the murkiness but still the view was obscured. I was out walking one day and found myself stuck in a dark, dank pine forest, in a deep cold hole. I had fallen in and couldn’t get out, well part of me couldn’t. A friend had happened to come along and threw me a rope down into the hole with a note attached to it. The slip of paper had very fews words on it except for ‘Ollie and his Superpowers’. What on earth was that? Could I find out more? Was it a sign? Well, I would have to get out and discover more for myself. So, I clambered up the rope with all my might and reached the top of the the hole. A shard of light shone through the pine trees bringing a tingle of warmth to my face. I stood at the edge of the hole, took a deep breathe and because I am inquisitive, I absolutely had to find my way out of the dark, dank pine forest to find out more about ‘Ollie and his Superpowers’. 2 pathways to follow. Which one would I take?

I am glad that I took the path I did otherwise I might still be in that deep cold hole. A natural light led me out of the dark, dank pine forest and I felt warmer and lighter as I left the forest, it just felt better somehow.

The next thing I knew, I was ZOOM calling a random stranger and laying my cards on the table. She was fab! Engaging, warm, sincere and honest. I immediately felt at ease which i hadn’t for months. The next thing I knew, was that I was tapping into my savings and joining a course. Again, it just felt right. And so the journey began. WOW! I felt like a new person, enlightened, lighter, a switch of excitement had been turned on. My new journey had begun, how did I feel? The weather was certainly far better and the gloomy, overcast skies had miraculously disappeared. Excited to learn something new, meet new people all around the country on their own personal journeys and be part of that. Rapport, calibration, sensory acuity what a complete privilege. To be immersed into people’s lives, during a turbulent time across the world (Yes Covid 19) almost like a secret, magical world that no one else knows about. A team - I have always liked being part of team, banter, support, laughter, sadness and achievement.

A new bit of me, even at 47! GROWTH, SCARED, CAN I DO IT, PUSHED OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE, GROWTH MIND SET STUFF, I CAN DO IT….. Can’t I? Absolutely, I had to believe in myself.

I still have far to navigate and decipher on my journey bit I feel that I have learnt so much and there is still so much to learn. It is only just beginning. I even have a toolbox now of new skills to take me on my way, anchors, parts of me, new friends, actually family, we all help one another. SUPPORT springs to mind. Actually MASSIVE SUPPORT. Honesty, I like honesty. This has been an integral part of my life ( Light bulb moment - Honesty was my no 1 on the VIA character strength profile). No failure only feedback. I have a goal my red shirt. NO not a football shirt and to be vain for a moment - red is not my colour however I am absolutely, wholeheartedly aiming for my RED OLLIE SHIRT. Do I feel emotional? Yes I do. I will steer clear of the dark, dank pine forest in future but sometimes we have to visit places we don’t want to, to discover and decipher where we really want to be.

Written by Philly White - soon to be Ollie Coach