Taking back control - making this an Opportunity

Taking Back Control

The only thing not real are our thoughts...we create them...it's natural and instinctive in a protection way to only notice fear at the moment, and that fills our thoughts... but they are no more real than the tooth fairy. 

Yes, the virus is real but how we cope right now is a thought process that you are controlling. This feels uncertain because we are waiting to be told it will be ok, it will end soon etc and so we are in limbo... out of control... That creates fear

Take back control.

That is a thought and a choice...

I'm choosing to see this as a well earned break that allows me to write and create on line stress relief courses - something I have allways wanted to do but never had the time.

Change the picture from lock down and uncertainty to well earned break and opportunity.

Ali Knowles 

23rd March 2020