There are no Bad Kids!

There are no Bad kids!!

Aren’t children fascinating?  They might not be able to spell or add up, they might not know stuff we think important like manners and socially acceptable behaviour but from their first breath they are the greatest manipulators on our planet! A small baby is not smiling at you because it likes you.  It probably doesn't know what its looking at but it smiles because then you hug it, love it, and protect it! Clever! A young child knows instinctively how to pull your strings to get what it needs: your love and attention.  So clever.

It’s all about safety and survival. They need us to provide and protect until they are strong and can take care of themselves and they know that if we love them they will be safe. That's why I say there are no bad kids. Even when they are pushing us to despair at their behaviour all they are doing is using what they know about us to get that sense of love and safety they instinctively crave. 

When a child pushes and pushes and pushes, they are actually saying, prove you love me, prove I'm safe. And why? Because something is making them feel not safe. Ollie Coaches look at the purpose of the behaviour not the behaviour.  All behaviour serves a purpose. Understand the purpose and you understand what's really going on with the child and then and only then, can you help them. 

"Stop that, do this!" therapy doesn't cut it! That's why it’s time for something that does.   Something that gets to the root and helps the child to find solutions so that they don't need “fixing". There are no bad kids.   They just not articulate enough to explain stuff sometimes, and that’s just as frustrating for them as it is for us!  Ollie Coaches know this and know that no two children are the same.  So each child needs the respect of their uniqueness.

There are no bad kids.  That's just our perception of their frustration at our inability to understand and their inability to articulate.  Enter Ollie!