It’s all about being a Blue Water Dragon!!!

I love working in schools!

Our coaches work with 5 year old's to 105 year old's!

This week, in one of my schools, I had the joy of really showing the power of Ollie. A little chap, five years old using words like possession, elementals, with monsters taking over him and being very violent. He had undergone all types of assessment and was being looked at for everything from multiple personality disorder to schizophrenia…..

I was asked to meet him.  Yes, those words coming from a five year old are chilling and Ollie Coaches don’t diagnose but what we do is more helpful sometimes….

We step in to the child’s model of the world. Nothing had worked in freeing this little chap from this anger he could not control so far.

I listened to him, and being an Ollie Coach, had the benefit of being aware of lots of things children watch, listen to and think about. What he was actually describing was not any form of schizophrenia, he was describing the latest Lego movie! The Red Dragon had taken control because it had been possessed.   It couldn’t help it and now it was a bad dragon and no one could help it. He was talking about himself being the Red Dragon….

A little more digging and I got to the trauma he had witnessed at home.  This trauma made it easier for him to retreat into his fantasy world but more importantly he could only make sense of what he was feeling once he had seen the Lego film! So how do we reach him?  Only the Blue Water Dragon can help the Red Dragon in the film and only the Ninja Master could help him fight the Red Dragon. So I stepped into his world and switched between being the Ninja Master and the Blue Dragon.  He calmed, he began to listen to me and see a way to control his anger!

Now I can, through the Blue Dragon, help him make sense of the trauma he witnessed and help him move forward.

Ollie Coaches get to the root, we step into the child’s model of the world and use what we find to help the child.

Today I was a Blue Dragon, tomorrow who knows!