What's it like being an Ollie Coach?

What will your day bring?

Do you know exactly how your day is going to go at work?

Is that a good thing or a boring thing?

If you answered a boring thing then maybe you should think about becoming an Ollie Coach.

Being an Ollie Coach

So an average day … start at 9.30 have four or five clients, an hour each.

Do I sit and listen and be empathetic?

Sometimes, but most of the time I’m time traveling with them back into their pasts. I’m creating Magic Shields and Wands to keep the bad words out of their heads and hearts! I’m running round the garden fighting monsters with my Brave Super Power! I’m helping someone design, draw or make their Magic Library. I’m helping them get rid of some memory boxes so that they don’t scare them any more! I’m holding a cushion really tight while someone lets there Angry out to say what its feeling!

I never know what my day will bring!

Well that’s not quite true. I can guarantee one thing that happens every day!

I sit alone at the end of the day and just smile as I get engulfed in the wonderful feeling of having been a part of someone changing their stars.

Ali Knowles - Ollie Coach

To find out more about Becoming an Ollie Coach request a prospectus by emailing info@ollieandhissuperpowers.com or join one of our evening webinars.