Ollie's Magic Emotion Cards

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Ollie's Magic Emotion Cards help us understand how an individual 'does' their emotions and that many behaviours are just what we see, not what's really going on. 

The games are really easy to play and fun.  You will be surprised at what you might find out.

Instructions are within in the pack for your to play a number of different games that will help you learn about how your child or client does their model of the world.  There is also a link to videos that explain a bit more about the emotion cards and the games you can play giving you an insight into the benefits of finding out how someone does their emotions.

These are suitable for adults and children from the age of about 6 but it really depends on their understanding of emotions.  You can take out the cards with the emotions that they don't understand yet but this is also a great way of discussing emotions so that they learn.

There a total of 47 playing emotion cards in the pack. The cards come in a handy box that allows for easy storage and also is small enough to carry with you.  


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