The first four books in the Ollie and his Super Power series

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Follow Ollie on his journey as he learns to use his super powers to manage his emotions. Buy all the books together and enjoy Ollie's adventure from start to finish.  In the first book Ollie learns how to use his super powers, in the second book by using his super powers he learns empathy, in the third book he learns about resilience. In the fourth book Ollie and Mollie learn how to help others.

Ollie and his Super Powers and Ollie and the Golden Stripe are paperback. Ollie and the Magic Compass isare hardback. All with dimensions of approximately 25cm by 17cm.

The fourth book, Ollie and the Magic Compass, is paperback with dimensions of approximately 23cm by 15cm

Reader Review

Amazing Books - Thank you

I wanted to let you know that I've been reading the books with the girls. One more to buy.  They are amazing, so simple, so helpful and so easy.  

Just finished the workshop one.  I Iearnt through a dev program I did last year about the concept of good and bad words and using them against ourselves.  I did a lot of weeding in a safe and courageous space over the last 12 months.  To help me understand what beliefs I had about myself that were holding me back. I now have a garden of flowers remaining. It was remarkable.  Love that your book teaches it so well. Cxx

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