Choose your words carefully!

Words are powerful. They create the scripts we run in our heads. They can be kind, they can be horrid, they can empower, they can hurt, they can create stories that we spend the rest of our lives running from or towards. Written by trainee Ollie Coach, Bep 

The Power of Words....

Words... uttered so easily, so quickly, sometimes without really taking the time to think about what we're saying, but reacting in the moment.

Words are powerful.  They create the scripts we run in our heads.  They can be kind, they can be horrid, they can empower, they can hurt, they can create stories that we spend the rest of our lives running from or towards.

We all have an internal narrative; when we become aware of our script, we can use it to drive us forward, to learn and grow or more often than not, it can be a way in which we inhibit ourselves, unaware that that's what's occurring.

Another way of exploring our dialogue is by thinking of the beliefs we are holding.  I only came aware of this when I worked with a coach.  Life was moving around me and I felt I was merely responding, rather than really taking the reins and deciding the route I wanted to walk down.  When some major events occurred in my life, divorce, cancer, bereavement I decide I needed help to navigate a new way forward that was on my terms. 

After each one of these major life events, I have sought coaching/counselling, as I now know that it helps my resilience to explore the situation that has occurred in more detail, my thoughts and feelings and the impact of these in how I take the learning and step forward in an empowered way. 

Working through these experiences with a coach/counsellor, someone who wasn't part of my regular life enabled me to be more open, I was able to share what I may not have shared with someone close to me due to the fear of judgement.  The safe, trusting environment that a coach/counsellor creates is a two way process, and takes honesty and openness on both sides to share what's working/not working. 

As I explored each situation I was able to process more fully the emotions I was feeling, the thoughts I was allowing, the words that I was using to make the situation better/worse for me.  And most importantly the beliefs I was holding.

Once I became aware of the beliefs and how they were creating my reality, I was able to do something about them.  With the help of my coach I was able to redefine the beliefs, I was able to use compassion and kindness as my superpowers to catch myself, reframe and then move forward.  I was able to sit with the beliefs I'd held for so long, the one's trying to keep me safe, causing me to live a life I didn't feel aligned with, but that were also preventing me from creating a life that bought me the joy and freedom I desired.

The power of words has a lot to do with how you create that life in which you thrive, that powers you, that drives you.  You get to create the script that works for you, but first you have to become aware of the script you're running.  My life experiences have taught me so many things, all the knocks have given me the opportunity to stop, reflect (often with the help of a coach), learn, grow and then share.  This is what has enabled me to become more resilient and to create a life in which I thrive, in my own unique way.   

Helping others navigate the challenges in life is what has now become my passion.  Coaching is a passion and when I saw the advert for Ollie and his superpowers in Psychologies magazine I was immediately drawn to it. I'm currently an Ollie School trainee and the training allows you to experience the power of the techniques we use, the beliefs we're holding and how we really can choose the superpower that will propel us forward in a way that feels so aligned, so right, so compelling.

Helping children (and adults) feel empowered is an amazing feeling, if we could all benefit from knowing how to create a more compelling way forward - well the world would be a much more beautiful place.


Bep Dhaliwal, trainee Ollie CoachTrainee Ollie Coach

I am an Ollie School trainee and a resilience coach.  My corporate and personal experiences have taught me many life altering lessons. The one I hold most dearly is that we must first understand ourselves, in order to successfully engage with the world around us, and walk the path we desire.

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