Ollie Kids - Programme for Schools

Diversity and Internet Safety training workshops

We had a great few Days at St Josephs School in London Delivering workshops on Diversity and internet safety as part of our drive to introducing prevention to PHSE in schools through our Ollie Kids program. At Ollie HQ we recognise that you can tell children how to stay safe on the internet, we can tell them about the damage bullying does and how important self worth is reference body image on social media and the issues that can course with eating disorders and kids feeling not good enough.  And that's great but only half a job!

Ollie Kids

Unless you back that learning up with a program of emotional resilience you are not giving the kids the tools to keep themselves safe regardless of how you highlight potential issues.

Ollie Kids

At Ollie HQ we are rolling out our Ollie Kids and teens programs to schools and through early intervention in local authorities. We know that facts without the tools to deal with the facts doesn't really protect our children. If a child has no emotional resilience or self worth, no amount of education about the dangers of social media will protect them.

The Ollie Kids programs are created for each organisations needs working within the required learning detailed in the PHSE programs to insure that every child is not just educated but also empowered to protect themselves.

We are seeing great results and getting amazing feedback from kids teachers and parents because we give them the tools to make good choices with what ever they are faced with because we teach them THEY matter.

For more information on Our Ollie Kids program please go to www.olleandhissuperpowers.com or email info@ollieandhissuperpowers.com