Kent Early Intervention - Ollie Model training workshop

Kent Early Intervention

The ladies and gents in the front lines for us at Kent’s Early Help teams are what I would call earth angels!

Ollie Model training day

We did a day workshop with them on the Ollie Model and the day was very informative for me and them. I think it’s fair to say these guys are battle weary – trying to help kids in very bad situations and knowing whatever they do won’t necessarily lead to changing the environment that creating the issues in these kids.  As I began my talk I sensed the thought in the room was “here we go, another nice idea with no idea what we are up against”.

They were a truly loving supportive driven bunch and I learned a lot. Ollie is not the answer, what they are currently doing is not the answer but together…….

For any change in these kids we need their environments to change too, I don’t just mean social status, accommodation, finance etc.  I mean the significant adults getting involved in noticing what can be changed rather than staying stuck in the thought process of this is all it can be because of what they can’t change.

I had the best day with these front liners  Laughing, sharing information and realising together we could make the difference that makes all the difference for the kids they are fighting for before it’s too late and they become the next generation of parents lost in the hopelessness.