Learn to speak Ollie - Mentor training

Why do we over complicate things?

Why do we tell a child they need to be more RESILIENT and get annoyed when the child looks at us without a clue?

Why do we say, ‘stop being sad or angry’ and get annoyed when the child doesn’t?

So many things we do and say around children in our adult language and view of the world that we forget that they are not us, can’t think like us, don’t have the resources and life experience to understand our requests.

I truly believe there are no bad kids. I also truly believe that all behaviour serves a purpose.  And really it is as simple as most believe and call it ‘attention seeking’.

If a child is sad or angry it’s usually because he or she does not feel safe or loved.  I know that’s a bit of leap, but the truth is, even if the child is screaming because it can’t have this or that it’s not usually greed.  It will be the child’s beliefs of not being as good as his or her mates in some way if they don’t have the same things which leads to them not fitting in which makes them feel lonely and vulnerable.

Now I am not saying you should give your chid everything.  Far from it.  That was just an example of the below surface reasons for the huge emotion they may be exhibiting.

It’s so easy for us adults to forget its actually quite tough being a kid.  Working out what’s right and wrong, trying to fit in and make friends, wanting to get things right so you’re proud and love them.

Ollie mentor training helps all adults living with or working with kids to stop, take a breadth and ask “what’s that about?”

Using Ollie’s super powers and dissociative techniques most children can be calm very quickly and you can get to the real issue with ease.

Simple techniques, simple use of language and a calmer quieter life!

If you’re struggling with a youngster’s emotion you really should give Ollie mentor training a ‘try’.

OH – did I say try? That’s one of the words we will suggest you avoid as part of the training.   You hear ‘go on give a try you can do it’. A child hears, ‘go on try, I know you will fail but a least you tried’.

For more information on the Ollie mentor training we are rolling out across the UK give us a call or email us on info@ollieandhisuperpowers.com