Ollie - So far


What a Year

18 months ago I had a dream.  That dream was a few coaches in a few schools and maybe just maybe we can help some kids and families.

But Ollie had bigger ideas!

We are in a lot of schools, the schools are talking to other schools! We have dozens of the most awesome coaches there are! We are launching our own school so all the amazing parents and teachers I have met this year can also become a therapist, an Ollie Coach, and start their amazing journey to becoming who they are meant to be!

We will be introducing a really fun and exciting set of books for our younger Ollie kids.  We will be introducing the Ollie Kids concept into schools – teaching kids about their super powers so they wont need therapy to help them navigate our world. 

I am humbled and so very proud of what the team around me and our awesome coaches are doing . I can see the future now – and its Ollie shaped!!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all and thank you for all your wonderful support.